When They See US- Review

It’s a story about Central Park Five , in the year 1989. Five innocent boys were sent to Prison on the charges of Rape and Attempted Murder of a female jogger in New York City. If you are one the guys who don’t cry when watching art, wait till you have watched When They See Us.

Created, Co-Written and directed by Ava DuVernay When They See Us is a miniseries available on Netflix.

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This is a story of Korey, Antron, Raymond, Kevin, and Yusef about which I had no clue before watching the series. I had to educate myself about the Central Park Five, thanks to Netflix.

I thought twice before watching it because I wanted to be in the right space to feel the story but now I’m realizing that nothing could have prepared me mentally or emotionally for it. It’s honest, haunting and so brutal that I wanted to shoot everybody involved in ruining those boys’ lives just after watching the first episode of it.

The series called “When They See Us” is inspired by their heartbreaking true story. Now that I have seen it, it feels like one of the toughest and important series I’ve watched. When you see it, you will get to know, how horrific things happen to those boys in a raw and intense depiction which makes it so cinematically real and authentic that you might end up crying.

Courtsey WTSU-FB

What I learned is that no one has been held accountable for what happened to those five boys and that some people think that $41 million is good enough compensation for what happened to their lives speaks volumes about how outrageous it can be. I’m still going through hard times even though I watched it 4 days back my brain is still making a sense about it. I can assure you the same, you will never forget about the 5 boys and the show.

You will also realize that the guy who originally had committed these crimes has more compassion than 12 jurors, prosecutors, judges and the whole Fu***ng justice system in general. It’s because he came forward and confessed to raping the jogger and the DNA evidence confirms this. He also knew facts about the crime that only the offender could have known and also confirms that he committed the crime all alone.

Eventually, the men known as the central park five spent between 6 to 14 years in prison and their wrongful convictions were vacated in 2002. In 2014, a federal judge awarded the five men a settlement of $41 million (Largest in New York State history).

It’s a must watch and highly recommended miniseries and one of the best original content ever produced by Netflix. Watch it if you want to know how justice is just another word in our dictionary and let me know your thoughts.

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