Top Netflix Original Series

Top Netflix Original Series


10. Altered Carbon

Story set in 2384 with absolutely astonishing visual effects giving you one of the best cyberpunk genre series called Altered Carbon. It is a well-made sci-fi story with a strong mystery at its heart. Based on novel with same name, author Richard K Morgan released the book in 2002 and first season aired on February 2 2018 consisting of 10 episodes.

In future, a person’s memories and consciousness can be downloaded to disk device called cortical stack,which can then be implanted into the back of the neck, with a new body (physical body or synthetic body) called “sleeves”, hence giving a new life to the cortical stack. Anyone can live forever but only the plushest, called as “Meths” have money to do so through clones and remotely storing memories and consciousness in personal satellite.

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Once you start watching the series, you might feel that it has similar vibe to Blade Runner and it might be true also, as both of them come from cyberpunk genre and are sci-fi in their premises.

When the series was released, Netflix wanted a true international hit that can take advantage of its global audience and they have managed to do it with Altered Carbon as the casting, concept and execution all look right at place.

The series is created by Laeta Kalogridis and stars Joel Kinnaman in lead role as Takeshi Kovacs. Each episode has running time between 56-66 minutes. I would recommend it as one of the top Netflix original series.



9. Marvel Daredevil

The story starts with Matt Mardock who is a laywer by day but a vigilante by night as he can make use of his heightened senses from being blinded when he was young boy, He fights crime when its night on the street of Hell’s Kitchen in New York City.

Only superhero series in my entire list and you might wonder why? Because its way darker and grittier than your usual superhero show and you can say that Dardevil is our working class Batman with Catholic ethics about what he does.

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Out of all the marvel adaptations so far, I have only been impressed by two of them. Legion and  Daredevil.  Legion is a class apart but Daredevil has its own strength and reason you can indulge in it.

The series is created by Drew Goddard and casting inlcudes Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Rosario Dawson and Vincent D’Onofrio. It has the best action among all marvel superhero genre and is one of the top Netflix original series.



8. Manhunt: Unabomber

Story set in the 1990s; it’s about the hunt for Unabomber by FBI agent Jim “Fitz” Fitzgerl (Criminal profiler). The Unabomber came to be notorious when he would send an individual parcel to victims and severely injuring them or killing them. His early attacks where on Universities and Airlines and that is how he got the name from the media. Manhunt Unabomber is bold, unusually brainy with well-acted true crime miniseries that keep you engaged in all episodes.

Ted Kaczynski (Unabomber) took part in a Harvard experiment involving stress and he was never the same again. He would go on to kill 3 and injure 23 in a bombing spree across the USA. It’s a goldmine for Psych-ethics, forensics obedience etc.

When I first heard the title, I was thinking that this is another low budget cop show, but I was surprised and fascinated seeing the drama about Unabomber and forensic linguistics and loved it till the very last episode.

The story is created by Andrew Sodroksi, Jim Clemente and Tony Gittelson. The casting includes Paul Bettany, Sam Worthington and Jeremy Bobb with others. Paul Betany is absolutely brilliant in the show and in episode 6, he almost made me feel sorry for him. Manhunt Unabomber is another best Netflix original series you can watch.



7. When they see us

My first reaction after watching the first episode of When They See US was like, ‘to hell with the justice system’.  WTF?

I was in awe of Ava DuVernay as she doesn’t just show the gut wrenching tragedy of what happened to these innocent boys, it also puts a spotlight on other key problems in how criminal law gets done. It’s a master class show, telling you how racial bias infects just about everything and telling us we as a society have criminalized poverty and families who are poor.

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It also tells you how horrific the jail or prison system is and there is nothing being done for the rehabilitation at all. The focus is, and always has been that we make system all about punishment. It’s such a powerful illustration of the biases that take hold on us once they have been to prison as they can’t reenter society after serving time because we have put so many barriers in their way to become a normal human being.

The series is created by Ava DuVarnay and is written by Ava, Julian Breece, Robin Swicord, Attica Locke and Michael Starrbury. It’s a highly recommended Netflix original Series.


6. The Crown

I have always been fascinated by the British Royal Family and seeing the story of Princess Elizabeth, later Queen Elizabeth on screen on such a large scale with stunning costume and drama blew my mind and I was hooked to The Crown from the very first episode. The story is all about the Royals and set the stage going way back with Queen’s wedding day in 1947.

Beautiful sets with big scale and sleek, stylish storytelling with fantastic casting is just the many of few reason why you should watch The Crown as the Netflix gives you a brilliant representation of the Royal Family. It’s a story about the modern monarchy we haven’t heard before with a fresh air.

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For me, this was the first time I ever fell in love with a character played by brilliant Jared Harris who is superlative in his performance and is playing King George VI, Elizabeth’s father, known to his family as Bertie.

The Crown has secrets, lies and then PM of UK Churchill’s struggle to keep his job makes it one of the top Netflix original series. You can call it “highest-end royal soap opera” and guide to all the drama of Royal feuds, romances and betrayals.

The series is created by Peter Morgan and stars Claire Foy, Matt Smith and Vanessa Kirby in the lead role.


5. Dark

Dark is brilliant sci-fi which might confuse you in the beginning but give it some time and I can assure you, it’s one of the top Netflix original series.

The story starts in 2019 but spreads across from 1953 and 1986 and the future after 2019 with whole lot of time travel in the series. Children from the fictional city of Winden in Germany start to disappear and the true nature, double lives, dark past and broken relationship and secrets of all characters involved starts coming into the light.

Dark  follows Jonas Khanwald(teenager coping with his father’s suicide), police officer Ulrich Nielsen whose brother disappeared 33 years ago and police chief Charlotte Doppler. While I was watching it, all I could think of, was to remember who is who in the different time period of the stories. But Dark kept answering my question “The question is not who. The question is not how. But when”. Dark has very much its own thing going on, as the story get more intricate, more ambiguous about how it engages with nostalgia and complex plot.

When you see the series, you wouldn’t get over about how similar the older/younger versions of all the characters look. I have got to give shout out to all the younger actors (young Helge, Mikkel and Hannah), absolutely brilliant casting. Its highly recommended and one of top Netflix original series.



4. Stranger Things

It was July 2016, when a strange looking series called Stranger Things, took over the world within a month. How do I know that? I saw the growth of the cast social media going from <1k to over 100 k in that month. I was one of those fortunate guys who happened to see the series on the very same day it was released on Netflix.

There is a ton of mystery going on in Stranger things and even when you see final credits roll, you might not have all the answers but just enough conclusions to satisfy your appetite and keep you hooked waiting for season 2.

I was completely transfixed with the story and had binge watch to level up my curiosity of how the story will end and what could be the cliffhanger for the season 2. Before I started watching Stranger Things, I already had good clue about Winona Ryder was and I had missed her on screen. Seeing her playing the character so damn well kept me pushing to see more and making me fall in love other fine characters in the series.

You might feel like you are in the middle school again reading Stephen King and I am also sure you would feel like the story is has been inspired by one of Stephen King story, and you might be right. The nostalgia, the scares, the laugh and the tears, that make Stranger things a masterpiece. The soundtrack of the series is another strong point.

The series is created by The Duffer Brothers and has Winona Ryder, David Harbour and Millie Bobby Brown in their main casting role.



3. Narcos

Narcos is one of the most famous series produced by Netflix with millions of views across the world. I could not find words to express the joy and excitement while watching the first season of Narcos and I ended up watching all episodes within a day. I can assure you that its best piece of cinematic art right here.

The series is inspired by real story of drug lord Pablo Escobar who became billionaire through the production and distribution of cocaine. The series has focused on Pablo collaboration with other drug lords and his fight against DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and other opposition parties.

The story is created by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro. The casting is fantastic with Wagner Moura giving us the performance of the lifetime and is outstanding in his work as Pablo Escobar. Casting also includes Boyd Holbrook and Pedro Pascal who are playing the two DEA agents, the reason behind Pablo Escobar fall and eventually death.



2. Mindhunter

Story set in 1977, two FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench travel around the US, educating the local authorities about the best standard investigative procedures. Meanwhile they also get access to some of the crimes that local police is working on, just to give them an insight of how FBI works, at the same time, solving the crime. Mindhunter is inventive, creative and visually stunning, an unconventional crime story, a true psychological thriller.

Crime drama thriller based on the book Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit written by John E Douglas and Mark Olashaker. The story about criminal psychology and criminal profiling at the FBI, it revolves around two agents, Holden Ford and Bill Tench with Wenddy Car (playing psychologist).

The series is at singular pace with buried humour and good things we thought we knew (but didn’t) as it tries to understand our serial killer obsession. What’s new and unique here is how little gore there is to the show. There is undercurrent of violence and rage, but it’s more a smoky, inky lingering whisper of dread than a bloodbath, hauntingly effective work. Instead use of language and suggestion to create that picture in your mind

Story becomes really gripping when Holden Ford get to interview one of the most famous serial killer of all time, Ed Kemper and how he slowly grows a kind of obsession with him. Holden was more interested in knowing the assailants, who these men were so that he can stop others like them.

The story is created by Joe Penhall and Producers as Charileze Theron and David Fincher. David Fincher has also directed 4 episodes of total 10 episodes with an average length of 34-60 minutes. One of the top Netflix original series ever produced and very highly recommended.




1. Peaky Blinders

An English crime drama television at its best and is benchmark stuff for all TV creation. It’s a historical fiction action drama about the crime and gangs in Birmingham just after WW1. Some dramas are food for the soul and I can assure you that Peaky Blinders is an 8 course meal with sweet night cap

Set in the slums of Birmingham in 1919, this story of gang of illegal bookies will make you think that there is nothing like this ever on TV ever, it’s exceptional.

 For your imagination, it’s like Boardwalk Empire and Gangs of Goodfellas had a baby and the new baby turned out to be far better than their parents.

The story revolves around the Shelby family who’ll do anything to make money and storytelling of involved characters that are brutal, atmospheric and utterly captivating. Each episode is brilliant and I love the understated ‘air of menace’ that pervades every episode too.

Cillian Murphy is electrifying and I think that he was born to play Tommy Shelby. After the series gained popularity, everyone also started about Cillian Murphy’s cheekbones and it has been the talk of town since then.

The series is written and created by Steven Knight and in lead roles are Cillian Murphy, Helen McCrory, Paul Anderson and Sam Neil. According to me, this is best content available on Netflix and if you looking best Netflix original series, Peaky Blinders is No-1. According to me, this is top Netflix original series you can find.

Please let me know your thoughts about my collection. There are still lot of good series that I have not included in this list. What would you add or delete from the list, let me know

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