Catch 22- Review-Brilliantly Entertaining

Powerful adaptation with heart wrenching and funny in its turns, I could not look away and kept watching episode by episode. It’s available on Hulu and after watching it, I can assure you that it’s one of the best content produced by Hulu.

It’s a powerful, funny and tragic anti-war piece that has the saddest deaths in the war. The message is given and delivered, War is pointless and silly. Only winners in the war are the ones making a profit out of it.

Series is absolutely an emotional roller-coaster ride and every episode punches you right in the face. It’s so captivating and spot-on that I am already wishing of next season if any.

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As the series is based on a dark comedy novel of the same name by Joseph Heller and book was released in 1961 and is cited as the most significant novel of the twentieth century.

The story is set during World War 2 and follows the life of Captain John Yossaria (Yo-Yo), a U.S. Air Force B-25 bombardier. The story starts with Yo-Yo walking naked in the smoky field and suddenly lets out a scream saying “Enough!”

Yo-Yo has only one wish- return home alive but as Catch-22 is a military rule that won’t let Yo-Yo to return home. The struggle starts when fear of death creeps in his mind and his brain makes a rational decision to go home at any cost.

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Abobott portrayal of Yo-Yo is amazing and multidimensional, as he is training in the first episode to be a bombardier in Santa Ana Army Base. He believes that by the time his training will be completed, the war would be over.

Two months later, Yossarian gets stationed in Pianosa, Italy. He tries hard to reach the mission count, which keeps getting increased by Colonel Cathcart (Kyle Chandler) whenever he is close to reaching them.

The desperation to stay alive, he meets the camp doctor ( Grant Heslov) who finally tells him about the catch-22 that lays out the rule for getting out of combat duty.

George Clooney, Grant Heslov, and Ellen Kuras take turns directing every two episodes. The story is written by Luke Davis and David Michod. With this, no matter how much each character has time on screen, everyone has their moments to shine bright.

It’s a must watch as you would end up saying “hey I would have done the same if I was in a war”. This makes character relatable making you fall in love with a story. Watch it if you haven’t yet and let me know what you think about it.

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